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EERST has many resources available to help schools and preschools make the most of the Paper4trees programme. 

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Classroom recycling bins

Has your school added more classrooms?


Have some of your bins been damaged or misplaced?

Then contact us now to order more classroom recycling bins - free of charge! We supply one bin per room that generates paper and cardboard waste.​

*Due the Covid-19 lockdown, there are delays on dispatching orders

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Paper4trees brochure

Want to read more info about the Paper4trees programme? Or you want to pass on info about the Paper4trees programme?

Download the Paper4trees brochure!


Enviro monitor badges

Do students take charge of environmental initiatives in your school?
Do you want a way for them to be recognised by other students and staff members?
A way to encourage students to get involved in environmental activities?

​You can purchase “Enviro Monitor” badges!
$2.50 each
(exc GST) + postage

16452 P4Ts Green Team Certificates no border.jpg

Green team certificate

Want to reward active members of your school's green team or enviro group? 

Download a Green Team certificate to present them with. 

P4T poster circle.png

Colouring in bin posters

Do you want the students and staff at your school/preschool to know that the classroom bins are

for paper and cardboard

recycling only?


Download our recycling posters, they are designed for the students to colour in and put onto

the classroom recycling bins so they can be distinguished from the waste bins.

Congratulations certificate.png

Congratulations certificate

When all schools and early childhood centres join Paper4trees, you will receive our Certificate of congratulations - If you have since misplaced or lost your certificate, or would like an additional Certificate for another room in your school, let us know!

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