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Paper4trees is a waste minimisation and tree planting programme for New Zealand schools and preschools. 

We encourage schools to recycle their paper and cardboard by providing 30 litre classroom recycling bins (free of charge) for every room that generates paper and cardboard waste. When these bins are full, the contents then need to be emptied into the schools main kerbside recycling collection bin, or taken to the local recycling centre. We are not a recycling collection company so if the service you are currently using works, stick with them. 

As an incentive to divert as much paper and cardboard from landfill as possible, we reward each school with one native tree/plant for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard recycled. Trees are dependant on funding grants. Although we do our best to supply trees each year, we cannot guarantee we will be successful with sponsorship or grants. The native trees are sourced from 30 different native tree nurseries around the country so we can ensure that trees are sourced locally. 

Note: We are not a recycling collection company. Please contact your local commercial recycling contractor for your school collections or use your council kerbside services or recycling centres where available. 

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