Paper4trees is a waste minimisation and tree planting programme for NZ schools and preschools. 

We encourage schools to recycle their paper and cardboard by providing 30 litre recycling bins (free of charge) for every room that generates paper and cardboard waste. When these bins are full, the contents then need to be emptied into the schools main kerbside recycling collection bin, or taken to the local recycling centre. We are not a recycling collection company so if the service you are currently using works, stick with them. 

As an incentive to divert as much paper and cardboard from landfill as possible, we reward each school with one native tree/plant for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard recycled. 

The native trees are sourced from 30 different native tree nurseries around the country so we can ensure that trees are sourced locally. 




Marty has been a Trustee of EERST since it's inception in 2000. He became Chairman in 2013. He is also the Director of Waste Watchers Ltd, Chair of the Zero Waste Network, and Chair of Keep Tauranga Beautiful. He has helped hundreds of businesses introduce resource efficiency and waste minimisation practices within the workplace.Marty was educated in Canada, holds a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and a National Certificate in Zero Waste and Resource Recovery in New Zealand. He is co-founder of the award winning Paper4trees programme and is an advocate of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility. He has published articles about end-of-life tyres and frequently speaks about waste related topics at conferences.


Satsuki has been with EERST since 2014 as the administrator for the Paper4trees programme, becoming manager in 2019. She is the main point of contact for all schools and preschools participating in the programme nationwide. Growing up in Japan, she has seen and experienced the impact of humans on the the natural environment. She soon developed a passion to help save the environment for future generations, which lead her to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management at AUT. 
Satsuki is the creative genius behind our seatbelt and billboard bags, making them herself here in the EERST office. 
Satsuki also assists Marty with waste audits and other tasks for Waste Watchers Ltd.


Mary-Anne joined the team in 2019 in a part-time position whilst studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology at Waikato University Tauranga campus, she is now completing a Masters in Ecology and Biodiversity.

She helps Satsuki administrate the Paper4trees programme on Thursdays and Fridays and will be often in contact with the schools and preschools.

Mary-Anne has a passion for a sustainable future with an emphasis on re-use! She also enjoys travelling the world to discover natural beauty and to see the world we are trying to protect.

Mary-Anne also assists Marty with waste audits and other tasks for Waste Watchers Ltd.


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