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Paper4trees was first introduced to the Marlborough Region in 2009.

Since then, a total of 
28 schools and preschools have joined Paper4trees!
That is the equivalent to
90% of all Marlborough schools and 3% of all Marlborough preschools.

Between 2009 and 2020, Marlborough schools and preschools have:

  • Diverted 426 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
                 - That's around the same as 106 elephants!

  • Saved 3,415 cubic metres of landfill space

  • Prevented 2,305 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being created in landfill

Isn't this an amazing effort? We think so, which is why we have rewarded Marlborough schools and preschools with a total of...

1,850 native trees! to plant in their school grounds or within their local community.

Latest local annual reports:

Click the areas below for a list of participating schools and preschools:

Marlborough District

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