Innocent Packaging

Sustainable, high quality, affordable products.

Innocent Packaging products contain renewable and sustainable resources. After use they can all be composted and/or recycled.

Paper4trees Supporters, schools and preschools receive 10% off all catalogue prices!

Hot Paper Cups

Innocent Packaging's range of hot paper cups are as robust and heat retaining as any of the oil-based alternatives on the market, but they are 100% commercially compostable thanks to the plant-based bio plastic lining. 

Cold Clear Cups

The cold clear cups are 100% commercially compostable and produce 65% less carbon emissions thanks to the plant based bio plastic.

Hot Paper Bowls

The hot paper bowls are made out of the same plant-based bio plastic lining like the hot paper cups. The paper comes from responsibly managed plantations. 

Cutlery, Cup Carriers, Napkins & Bags

Innocent Packaging's disposable cutlery range is made from PLA and are commercially compostable. The cup carriers and bags are made from FSC paper and recycled pulp. The napkins are made from recycled material and are bleach free.

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