West Coast

Paper4trees was first introduced to the West Coat Region in 2008.

Since then, a total of 38 schools and preschools have joined Paper4trees!

That is the equivalent to 100% of all West Coast schools and 4% of all West Coast preschools.


Between 2008 and 2014, West Coast schools and preschools have:

  • Diverted 309 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
                 - That's around the same as 52 elephants!

  • Saved 2,474 cubic metres of landfill space

  • Prevented 1,670 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being created in landfill

Isn't this an amazing effort? We think so, which is why we have rewarded West Coast schools and preschools with a total of...

1,276 native trees! to plant in their school grounds or within their local community.

Stats for 2015 will be available late 2016. 

Please click below for a list of schools and preschools in the following areas:

Buller District
Grey District
Westland District

West Coast Nursery:

Eastons Road Nursery

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