Feedback from our sponsors - Past and present

Here at EERST, we have absolute appreciation for each and every one of our sponsors, without them we would not be where we are today. Check out just a small sample of the great feedback we've received!

Waimate District Council

“Waimate District Council is pleased to sponsor the Paper4trees programme for schools in the Waimate District.  It is very rewarding to see first-hand the enthusiasm the pupils put into the recycling and their excitement on receiving and planting their well-deserved reward of trees.”



Port Nelson Ltd

“We are very pleased to be able to help with this project, it fits with our own values as an environmentally responsible port, it’s region wide, it involves children and it will see school grounds improved with the planting of native trees.”

Rob Hawkes, Customer Relations and Business Development spokesperson. 2012


Hurunui District Council

"It (the planting day) went really well; the children were right into it, which was great to see.  What your organisation is doing is really brilliant."

Neville Parminter, Biodiversity Advisor, Hurunui District Council


Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

"We really enjoyed the day and meeting the kids and teachers who were excited about receiving the trees. Well worth it and would definitely do it again. I would recommend other sponsors to get involved if they're able."

Robyn Flynn, Project Co-ordinator/controller, Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd.


Western Bay of Plenty District Council

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council supports the Paper4trees programme in schools on two counts, firstly, by minimising the waste in our communities and secondly the encouragement to increase tree planting in the district to reduce air pollution.

By supporting Paper4trees, Council also partners with Avalon Inc. who supplies and delivers the trees to the Western Bay schools.  This joint approach helps the environment by ensuring that paper and cardboard destined for landfill can now being diverted into the recycling network.

It is a win win situation for all.

Ilze Kruis, Utilities Environmental & Compliance Officer, Western Bay of Plenty District Council


Waitomo District Council

Waitomo District council is pleased to support Paper4Trees which has proven to be a hugely successful classroom recycling program. It encourages and teaches children about recycling and allows children to see just how much paper and cardboard can be diverted from landfill.

Waitomo District has fourteen schools in the program and with the quantity of paper and cardboard collected in 2011 it has made it possible to place an order of 126 trees for our schools.

Thank you to all our district schools for your tremendous work.



Otorohanga District Council

We have fully supported the concept of Paper4trees since EERST first mooted the idea in 2008.  What better way to teach children about recycling.

Also having “Champions” who are responsible for taking the paper to the “fadge” or other receptacle at the end of every day is great.  This is often the cleaner or caretaker.  So it becomes a whole school responsibility.  And then at the end of the week the children can visually see how much paper they have saved from going to landfill.

Robyn Hodges


Kapiti Coast District Council

Council is committed to waste minimisation in Kāpiti and is proud to support Paper4trees.
The programme provides a great incentive for Kāpiti’s schools, kura, kohanga reo and early childhood education centres to recycle their paper and cardboard.  The outcome is a win-win situation where material is diverted from landfill and our communities benefit from the awarding of native trees.

Simon Calcinai

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