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Sponsors, Donors & Supporters - this section is all about you!

  • Our job is to make sure that it’s easy for schools to participate in the programme and to be recognised with tree rewards
  • We know we can’t do this without our sponsors and supporters
  • Our schools know this too
  • With our ‘marketing hats’ on, we try to do everything we can to make sure your support is recognised and acknowledged commensurate with your commitment
  • If you have other ideas for how we can add value, then please just say!

Why does Paper4trees need you to get involved?

Participation in Paper4trees is free for all schools so our not-for-profit Trust must find funding and sponsorship to manage the programme. 

Sponsorship, donations and supporters are crucial to the continuation of Paper4trees, as without this assistance we would not be able to provide the trees, the resources and the staff to manage the programme.


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