How it Works

Schools and early childhood centres join the Paper4trees programme

by completing a joining form - complete the joining form online here.

EERST supplies them with classroom recycling bins

EERST supplies schools and preschools with 45 litre grey plastic (recyclable) recycling bins for every room in the school (e.g. classrooms, offices, printer rooms, libraries and anywhere else waste paper and cardboard may be generated).

Schools arrange recycling collection

Check that your school or preschool has a regular recycling service. It is important that you make your own arrangements for dealing with the paper and cardboard - either contact your local recycling operator or arrange drop-off at your nearest recycling centre. EERST does not collect any paper or cardboard.

Remember, paper and cardboard make up about 75% of school/preschool waste. It's easy to recycle, it's better for the environment and the cost is generally cheaper than landfill or rubbish fees.

Schools and preschools login to the Paper4trees database

Once EERST has confirmed receiving your joining form you can head to the Paper4trees website to create your unique login. Through the database you can record your recycling, order trees and more!

Download classroom resources

EERST has resources such as bin posters and a classroom poster available for download. You can also order certificates, replacement bins and purchase "Enviro Monitor" badges.

Recording recycling rates

Throughout the year, you need to record how much paper and cardboard your school or preschool has recycled by going to your login on the Paper4trees website and entering the data there.

EERST rewards schools and preschools with native trees!

At the beginning of each school year, schools and preschools will login to the database to order the native trees they have earned for their paper and cardboard recycling efforts for the previous year. EERST will reward your school or preschool with one native tree, shrub, grass, flax or ground cover for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard that you recycle.

Keeping schools and preschools updated

Our programme team will keep you updated with quarterly email newsletters. Please ensure staff and students see these newsletters. If you are not receiving email updates, please check your office staff are passing them on to the appointed Paper4trees representative, or contact us.

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