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Paper4trees, an environmental education programme run by EERST (Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust), encouraging schools and preschools to reduce the amount of paper and cardboard waste they send to landfill.

EERST believes positive messages and incentives help change behaviour. Paper4trees is often seen as a tree planting programme but it is actually a waste minimisation programme – the native trees and plants are simply an incentive to encourage schools to either start recycling, or improve current recycling rates. They are also a big thank-you to all the staff and students for their fantastic efforts!

EERST is not a recycling operator and does not collect any paper or cardboard. Schools and preschools organise a recycling collection e.g. kerbside, transport to a recycling centre or organise for a commercial recycling contractor to collect. EERST can help schools and preschools with recycling information in their local area.


Aim of Paper4trees

"To educate all sectors of the community on the importance of eliminating waste for the benefit of local communities and the global environment".
  • Introduce an easy-to-use recycling system through the use of recycling bins in each classroom.
  • To provide schools and early childhood centres with an incentive to either start recycling or to increase current recycling rates, by rewarding them with native trees to plant in their school or local community, or donate to a worthy cause.
  • Reducing the amount of waste (resource) going to landfill.
  • Through the planting of trees and reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill, we aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions being produced in landfill.

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